Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Monster’s Nuclear Arms
Or the unlearned Big Men


Got the boon to raze the world
I’m the king of kings unrivalled
Is there anyone to challenge me?
(No, no, no… Never)
I’m the leader blessed ever to be.
(Yes, yes, yes……)*

The celebrated
Monster’s nuclear arms
Are motionless
Not only the hands
Of natural disasters
But also in the hands
Of branded terrorists

And it is even dangerous
In the time of disasters
If it is natural or man made
It is dangerous
To its own worshipers
And to the innocent civilians
To whom the monsters
Are glorified as Protectors

The hands that rose to show
The power of military might
Over the heads of the roaring
Innocent jubilant civilians
Stretch forward feebly
To the communities of the world
To get them to rise
From the rumbles
Of the nature’s shake

The big men did not learn
From the men made disasters
Even after the to big wars
And after the two big bombs
And after the chain of
Lilliputians’ wars
The world over

The monster’s nuclear arms
Are not the protection shields
As mentioned by the Big Men
Not the symbol of dignity
As mentioned by the Big Men
And certainly not the element of peace
As mentioned by the Big Men


March forward will we
March forward will we
Getting rid of nuclear arms
March forward will we
Devoid of power hunger
March forward will we
For all lives to live in peace
March forward will we
For the whole world to world to flourish
March forward to will we.*

The prologue and Epilogue are song from a Thamil play “Ashen Touch” which deals with nuclear issues. The songs are in Thamil by M. nilanthan and S. Jeyasankar respectively. It’s a translation of Mr. T. Kirupacaran.


Wednesday, January 04, 2006

We are the kings of your nations Your Majesty!

We are the kings of your nations Your Majesty!

Why are the democratically crowned modern kings
Jumping and bumping for the flourishing of tourism?
And the tie knotting and tail wagging
Victims of modern education
Drawing and redrawing of plans
According to the demands
And orders of their Majesty
Who reins the new world order

Why do our democratically crowned modern kings
On their old Masters’ attires
Roam the world and beg diplomatically?

“We are not only the country of house maids
As known to your region”
We are far beyond that
So many choices
So many varieties and options
But you have to browse the websites
For very special features

Children of our nation are very friendly
But we are the strong propagators of child abuse
We are totally against child recruitment for terrorism
But I would like to remind you all again
Children of our nation are very friendly
They are very nice to chat with

We the kings of your modern nations
Have visions and missions
But some dropout fools…
Nesting aged old ideas in their minds
And thinking of evolution in reverses…

With our modern education
That was stuffed into us
At your institutions
Made us think differently
And designed as liberals in every aspect
To get rid of state dominance
In each and every sphere of life

Sooner or later as in other tourists capitals
The options for tourists will expand
Beyond our people’s imaginations
Young stress healers in thumbnail pictures
And alive on the sidewalks
Will help you to choose easily
To ease yourself cheaply

It’s a strange mixture of varieties and options
Lust, sex and luminescent colors
War, thrill and actions
And destruction for reconstruction
Adding to that great mixture of options
Nature added its gorgeous powers
To make it as a live wonder of the world

Oh! The Great Majesty!!
We are the kings of your nations
Kings of Modern Nation Kingdoms
Grateful to thee

January 2006