Thursday, September 25, 2008


“War on Terror” is
The topic of the time

A highly demanded good
In the market of world politics
Where a handful rules
And defined and defended it as
Politics of people’s democracy

In addition to various offerings
To the ritual of
The people’s democracy
Of the Market politics
Hundreds and thousands of
Poorest of the poor innocents
Offer their valueless lives

In order to celebrate
The free world of liberalism
Of the Market Giants

It’s good or bad
Raising issues and questions
Towards the Kings of Market Politics
To define terrorism first
And discover
The roots of cause next
Before waged a “War on Terrorism”
Not an act of intelligent practice

Asking questions
And raising issues towards King Nero
Meant for King Oedipus
Will only bring fear and pathos
It’s the essence of tragedy

Just write a poem
For cathartic purposes

August 2008


Who am I?!

I am proud
I am a Man
No, not a Modern
Next to Modern
But no
Definitely not a post modern

Man is not the centre
Of the Universe now
I am aware
The nature is not
In the custody of Man
And it will not be too

Science and Technology
The intellectual weapons
Of Inventions and Discoveries
For conquering and control
Of the Modern Man
Experiences its limitations
Even though
Had breakthroughs
Into new frontiers

I am not given up
Who am I to given up
The power of control
But a paradigm shift

I positioned myself
The centre of Mankind
All the visible and invisible
Creatures of the Universe

Who am I to given up?
I am the authentic
And the direct descendant
Of the Modern Man

If you like
Can call me
Neo Modern Man

But definitely
Definitely not a post modern

I am not bothered about
The tremors or quakes
Cyclones or Tsunamis
Floods or the other fatal disasters
Nature thrust on Mankind
And I am not concerned about
Warning or early warning systems
Other than the private purposes

I am aware that some evil forces
Imagining and manipulating
That I might behind
The Natural disasters too

I will make use of it
To exhibit my generous character
By relieving them with
Goods of Mass Pacification

I am still march forward
Not for my mere survival
But to exhibit my fitness
By manufacturing and marketing
“Weapons of Mass Destruction”
To terrorise and to democratise
The world of mine
The Neo Modern World

August 2008