Monday, January 31, 2005

An appeal to ensure people's right to access information

An appeal to ensure people’s right to access information.

People have right to information at all times.

The media has an enormous potential to ensure people’s right to

The issue of people’s right to information becomes more apparent in the context post-disaster management in the tsunami hit areas.

We, members of “Third Eye” - local knowledge and skill activists group - urge the media to support and enhance the concept of people’s right to information in this regard.

Lack of information arises as an acute problem in the camps, where people from the coastal area now live. The newly established systems that provide relief work have not incorporated any systematic methods or logistics to ensure people’ the right to information. People are
faced with a wide range of problems due to rumors and misleading stories. People urgently need the help of the media not only to gain information from officials but also to pass on their opinions and requests to those officials and to the wider world.

This is the background to the following request we would like to make
to the media.

*Establish a joint network of media organizations and individuals
to help ensure people’s right to access information.

*The network should:

1.Function as a facilitator to allow information to flow from each side
2.Enable media personnel’ to be present in meetings related to relief work at various levels.
3.Promote transparency in decision making.
4.Disseminate information as far as possible through publications.
5.Establish systems to provide regular information to people living in the camps. For example, establishing methods to record and communicate the voice of people living in the camps by making available tools such as television, radio and news papers. Also to help access information for camp residents there could be bulletin boards displayed in prominent positions in the camps.

Third Eye
Local Knowledge and Skill Activists Group 15.01.2005

Our question is....

Can our children drink the road whenever they go thirsty?


The Batticaloa lagoon is connected to the inland water bodies via a complex system of drainage pathways. Over the years we have been disregarding their natural properties and have taken to encroach in to them and block them.

On 26th December 2004 we saw what will happen if we build our houses right in the middle of the natural pathways of the lagoon, but it was too late for such realizations/revelations.

Even after the disasters we have undergone, we observed that building an instant road across the Sinnauppodai water body. This instant road cuts-across Sinnauppodai making a part of it disconnected to the main system.

If so, it will become functionless- dry up and disappear eventually. As a result there will be more flooding in the rainy season and the wells of Sinnauppodai will go dry sooner than ever in the dry season.

There will be no water for us to drink then. But, we will still have the road (but it instantly across Sinnauppodai).

Our question is… Can our children drink the road whenever they go thirsty?

Third Eye
Local Knowledge and Skill Activists Group

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Listen to that voice!

Listen to that voice!

26th of December 2004 is an unforgettable day for Sri Lanka, every one knows what happened so there isn’t much to talk about, but what most people do not know is what happened after that. Immediately after the tsunami every one wanted to do something for the brothers and sisters, lessen their grief somewhat. But as citizens of Sri Lanka each and every one of us has to be more responsible, put our selves in their shoes and think.

Schools are reopening on 10th January 2005. Now where do the people who came to the school for shelter go? Back to their destroyed house facing the sea?
NO! The government of Sri Lanka has a better idea O yes this is supported by the civil society and International and Local NGOs too.

“The effected people will be given tents; these will be put up in open spaces. They will be given a monthly allowance. Houses will be built & they could be moved there later on.”

Now this is a prescription by a doctor without asking the patient what his problem is. The doctor decides that the patients illness and prescribes the medicine. Now what do we have to say about this? Well I think the doctor should first ask the patient what his problem is. This is exactly what these people need today.

Ask them why they want to stay together at night, Ask a A/L student sitting for a exam what he/she thinks of the decision by the education ministry to have the exam in June.

Where are the people who talk of human rights? Gone with the tsunami? I humbly request you please come & listen to me.

It is raining heavily; there is mud all over, now where do these people go from here, the schools are out of bounce! Back to their home that does not exist? This is an even worse tidal wave I must say.

Why can’t they be given a semi permanent structure which suits the environment conditions of that area? Is this too much to ask? This is a national disaster, a situation of emergency. Doesn’t it require detailed planning with participation of the affected people? This is not the time for an advertising campaign, to show the world we are doing things in double quick time. We will rebuild at any cost (including the cost of mental torture of victims).

If you happen to be at one of the camp just give ear to what the inhabitants have to say before you tell them what you did or want to do.

Don’t think them mean or ungrateful they really appreciate what you & I have done for them. But they plead with us to think human. They don’t want to be pitied or made feel as exhibits they are people who have lost a culture. They want you & me to walk hand in hand with them together to rebuild their lost culture.
Third Eye 28.01.2005

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Talk of the Town or City of Batticaloa

Talk of the town
City of Batticaloa

Tsunami affected people are
In a hurry to pack their things
And to be shifted to another camp
May be the third or fourth one
Within a month

Organizations are busy with
Putting up billboards
And recruiting youths
To implement their mandates and
To expand their programs

People are in a hurry to pack their things
And to be shifted to another camp
May be the third or fourth one
Within a month

Trauma and counseling are
The talk of the town

People are in a hurry to pack their things
And to be shifted to another camp
May be the third or fourth one
Within a month

The voice of resistance
To the ill treatment of the people
Are not in mandates or in programs
And died down with the people
And a few concerned

People are in a hurry to pack their things
And to be shifted to another camp
May be third or fourth one
Within a month

Tidal waves of
The artificial tsunamis
Attacking again and again

People are in a hurry to pack their things
And to be shifted to another camp
May be third or fourth one
Within a month

Media Moguls
Rush to tsunami relief
Right to information not in their agenda
But they keep the country
With their propaganda

People are in a hurry to pack their things
And to be shifted to another camp
May be third or fourth one
Within a month

S.Jeyasankar 26.01.2005

Statement for media (In Tamil)

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jfty;fis mwpAk; chpik kf;fSf;FhpaJ. jfty;fis toq;Fk; nghWg;Gk;> flikAk; ntFrdj; njhlh;G Clfq;fSf;Fhpait.

Mopg;Nguiy mdh;j;jj;jpdhy; ghjpf;fg;gl;l fiuNahug; gFjp kf;fs;> Kfhk;fspy; tho;e;J nfhz;bUf;fpwhh;fs;. mth;fspy; kpfg; ngUk;ghyhdth;fs; jq;fSf;Fhpa jfty;fisg; ngw;Wf;nfhs;s Kbahjth;fshfTk; ,Uf;fpwhh;fs;. ,jd; fhuzkhf mth;fs;
miyf;fopg;Gf;F Mshfpwhh;fs;.

,e;jr; #o;epiyapy; Kfhk;fspy; tho;fpd;w kf;fs; jq;fSf;fhd jfty;fisg; ngw;Wf; nfhs;sf; $ba tifapYk;> jq;fsJ vz;zq;fis> fUj;Jf;fis> Nfhhpf;iffis ntspg;gLj;jf;
$ba tifapYk; ntFrdj; njlh;G Clfq;fspd; nraw;ghl;bidf; NfhUfpd;Nwhk;.

,e;j tifapy; fPo;tUk; Nfhhpf;ifis ntFrdj; njhlh;G Clfq;fspd; Kd; nfhz;L tUfpd;Nwhk;.

midj;J Clfq;fSk; ,ize;J kf;fsJ jfty;fisg; ngWk; chpikiag; NgZk; tiyaikg;gpid cUthf;fy;.

kf;fSf;Fk;> mjpfhhpf;fSf;Fkpilapyhd jfty; ghpkhw;wj;Jf;Fhpa Clfq;fshfr; nraw;gly;.

gy;NtW kl;lq;fspYk;> jPh;kdhq;fis vLj;jy;fSf;fhd ciuahly;fspy; Clftpayhsh;fspd; gpurd;dj;ijAk; rhj;jpakhf;fy;.

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%d;whtJ fz;
cs;Sh; mwpT jpwd; nraw;ghl;Lf; FO


Thursday, January 20, 2005



Tidal waves Swept away,
Not only the life of the coastal people
But also the sovurinity

Country becomes an open lab
Not invisibly
And people become the subjects openly

Experiments, Operations
In many forms, in many names
And in many banners or brand names

Fear trodden people
In queues,
Waiting for Everything
And in every time

International figures come in and go
If it’s appropriate or not
Flooded the airport and harbor
With relief items for the affected

But the fear trodden people
Are still in queues

As usual
Intellectuals are busy with interpreting data

But the fear trodden people
Are still in queues

Experts are thinking loudly and planning extremely
Fully equipped with flow charts and blue prints

But fear trodden people
Are still in queues

Without questioning
Administrators are in busy
To implement the plans from above

But fear trodden people
Are still in queues

As in election days
Politicians are blowing in the wind
With miraculous statements

But fear trodden people
Are still in queues

The only ways and means
We knew to give and take
And also
Effective visuals for the media Mongols

Who is there to listen?
The simple and humble requests
Of the affected people

“First we need a temporary shelter
Away from the sea
To relax
And to sleep peacefully”

“And we want
To get rid of
Haunting dreams
And horrible memories”

“We were forced to wait for food”
“We were forced to run for relief”
“We were chased here and there for shelters”
“We are filling forms, forms and forms”
Is this a way of counseling us

Why is it happening to us?
Is it because we are geographically in the periphery
And also weak economically!
Or is it because we were forced
To be weak economically,
To satisfy the power lust of the
Developed self centered demi-god nations?

Think for us FIRST
A semi-permanent shelter
We will discuss about our future

S. Jeyasankar 20.01.2005

On encroachment to wetlands and Buffalo dams…

On encroachment to wetlands and Buffalo dams…

Manoharadas Manobavan
From Sinnauppodai

They built the Puthupalam[1] across the lagoon near Lake Road…
And a Buffalo dam[2] was born
They killed a lagoon…
The lagoon cried when the Tsunami waves struck
for it was powerless
to safe guard the people living along
its fringes…

The Tsunami never likes Buffalo dams, for they block its
free ways…

People encroached into the natural water sheds of Sinnauppodai and peripheries…
We had floods in December and droughts in June…
We were suffering…

Then the Tsunami visited us in Sinnauppodai
as it has been doing for eons past…
It expected that Sinnauppodai will welcome it…
by expanding and accommodating the flood surge…

Sinnauppodai in December 2004 had lost its self control… or autonomy…
Man had made it lifeless…

Tsunami raged over the land surface…
as it tried to look for Sinnauppodai
and its channels
it destroyed the blockages and cleared the way for Sinnauppodai…

On 27th December 2004…
People started building a new road across Sinnauppodai
blocking it and creating another Buffalo dam…

Tsunami never likes buffalo dams!

So beware, when the Tsunami visits us again
it is going to be angrier than ever!
[1] The ‘New bridge’, near the Lake Road in Batticaloa
[2] Buffalo dams: a technique used by local farmers to steal water from irrigation channels. They make their buffalo sit in a channel and block it so that the irrigation water is stopped from entering into their neighboring fields.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Third Eye and Seelamunai community participation programme

Third Eye and Seelamunai community participation programme

The Third Eye Activists Group planned an Invisible Theatre session in the Vyravar temple of Batticaloa, for the people from the village of Seelamunai, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka. Invisible Theatre is a form of theatre in which actors plan a small scene to perform in a public place where the audience does not know that it is witnessing a piece of theatre. The aim of Invisible Theatre is to promote lively and active discussion about issues of vital interest and importance to the community. However, when starting this programme in the welfare centre for the Seelamunai community, Third Eye members quickly found that there was little need for Invisible Theatre.

The people in the centre immediately involved themselves in the dialogues and the result was an open discussion. The community raised their voice in an animated discussion about their future. Their demands were varied. They wanted a safe place to live, a place for peaceful sleep. At the same time they insisted on their right to a livelihood and thus they claimed the site of Seelamunai village as their own – especially the lagoon for fishing and prawn catching and the coconut trees for toddy tapping.

Men and women contributed equally and with one voice. However, what was interesting here was that the children disagreed with their perspectives. They wanted to move to a place other than Seelamunai! They discussed the choice of a place for their future and selected Naavatkerny. This place is safe and near to Seelamunai and the Vyravar temple and also land is cheap. Showing great determination and insight, they wanted to shift as a whole community!

The following day members of Third Eye went back to Seelamunai to meet the community and read the written version of the discussion. A report on this issue was also published in Thinakural and a final version of the written discussion is to be sent to the wider media. A committee of women, men and children has been set up to deal with all the community’s concerns when meeting Government officers and Non-Governmental Organistion officials. The committee does not have fixed members. It will function in rotation to include all the members of the community. All in Seelamunai have the right to be involved in the action – to be involved in developing their village to meet the needs of their future.

When plans are being drawn up across the country for rebuilding communities, the experience of Seelamunai is that all community members can be involved in actively setting an agenda and advocating for their voice to be heard. When decisions are being made in government and non-government circles about the future of villages and communities it is vital that mechanisms are developed for community’s to have their say – to demand that they are not marginalised from the decisions that will affect their lives.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Come Another Tsunami!!!

Who said Tsunami victims
Lost their dear ones
And belongings?
May be!
But, gains surpass losses!
Strange relationships,
Instant fathers, brothers and uncles
With tears in their eyes,
Greed in their heart,
Embraced the bodies of the dead -
Beloved ones unable to recognize
Removed necklace, bangles, ear-rings
Whatever was gold for remembrance?
Day visits and night visits
To abandoned houses
Removed TVs, computers
Whatever valuable
For safe-keeping in their abodes
Instant husbands
Re-defining sexual violence
Instant Samaritans so kind
Fruits of relief they swallow
Who said
Tsunami brought only destruction?
Come another Tsunami
Pray Human Vultures!

Stephen Felix

Saturday, January 15, 2005

We have to live


(Third Eye Local Knowledge and Skill Activists Group.)

Tidal Flames


My mischievous little friend
Who sprang up and wetted my thighs
At the sound of my delightful laughter.

How did you roll into a gigantic wave?

With eyes shut, arms stretched, to lie down
You - gentle waves, bring back my lost mother’s lap
Singing lullabies – my mother.

Why became furious?
That manifested into ruthless waves?

You – a drop that fell as a tiny gem in my lap
A glittering tiny drop, I resist wiping off
Arise as flames and tell us your story.

I existed for all
I existed for all things
I am the body, I am the food

Grass or creepers, worm or giant trees
Or, skyscrapers you built
All same for me – understand you not.

I know no races; religions I know not;
Castes and money, weapons and knowledge
No matter for me.

I am your life,
I am your body
But in thoughts, differences you see.

You came to my shore,
I warned you loud.
You walked on the shore,
I wetted your feet and cried.
You - immersed in me,
I warned you in your ears.

Live United, I said,
Realized - you never did.

You to realize unity
Rose I as one -
Engulfed in one -
Will not your difference ever end?

“Neer Swalai” (in Thamil) By: Kamala Vasuki

Translated By: S.M. Felix

Third Eye
Local Knowledge and Skill Activists Group.

Tsunami the Teacher-Synopsis of a Documentary Film

Tsunami the Teacher: A Documentary


On December 26, 2004, Tsunami tidal waves caused immense destruction to the coastal area of Sri Lanka. These tidal waves have caused the loss of thousands of valuable human lives and destroyed property worth millions of rupees. This disaster has affected not only the economy of the coastal belt but also the national economy of the country. Consequent to this, the focus now, is on re-habilitation and re-construction and re-settlement. However there are views expressed by the affected people that those in the authority have proposed various projects without consulting them. In this critical situation, we wish to focus our attention to an important aspect.

It is of paramount importance to realize the message Tsunami has delivered to us. We, the human beings, without having understood the natural geography of the coastal area, have acted in a way so as to cause an imbalance in the natural flow of the sea, inviting destruction by the sea. In brief, inland waterways and canals along which sea water and the floods flowed naturally from inland and moved out into the sea, from time to time, were converted into settlements without any concern for the environment and this in turn led to the recent Tsunami tidal waves destroying such settlements. The manner in which the Tsunami destructions have taken place clearly bear witness to this aspect. Settlements which were away from the natural water flow were spared while those that obstructed such a flow were completely wiped out.

Therefore, it is prudent to take seriously the lessons of Tsunami into consideration when rehabilitation and re-settlement programmes are planned. Such planning with the participation of those who have been affected becomes essential if we are save our future generations from calamities even to the magnitude of Tsunami. This documentary aims to bring to focus the above aspects so that man lives in harmony with nature for his own good and the well-being of the future generations.

Third Eye
Local Knowledge and Skill Activists Group. 10.01.2005

Come Another Tsunami!!!

Come Another Tsunami!!!

Who said Tsunami victims
Lost their dear ones
And belongings?
May be!
But, gains surpass losses!
Strange relationships,
Instant fathers, brothers and uncles
With tears in their eyes,
Greed in their heart,
Embraced the bodies of the dead -
Beloved ones unable to recognize
Removed necklace, bangles, ear-rings
Whatever was gold for remembrance?
Day visits and night visits
To abandoned houses
Removed TVs, computers
Whatever valuable
For safe-keeping in their abodes
Instant husbands
Re-defining sexual violence
Instant Samaritans so kind
Fruits of relief they swallow
Who said
Tsunami brought only destruction?
Come another Tsunami
Human Vultures!

Stephen Felix

Tsunami in Sri Lanka

Unlike the other disasters encountered in Sri Lanka in the past, the
recent Tidal Wave (Tsunami) disaster has left not only sorrow, and
despair but also questions on everyone's mind for which no answers
could be provided by anyone.

Friday, January 14, 2005


unceasing tsunami

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flw;fiuiag; gpupe;J Ngha; nra;aj; njhopYkpy;iy. vq;fs; fpuhkj;ij tpl;Lj; Jhug; Nghf vq;fSf;F tpUg;gkpy;iy

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xU tho;f;if KiwiaAk; jhNd> cupikfs; gw;wpg; NgRk; ahUf;Fk; Vd; vq;fs cupikfs; gw;wpg; Gupatpy;iy?

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mJ xU fyhrhuj;ijf; nfhz;l> tuyhw;Wg; gpd;dzpAldhd ,lkpy;iyah?

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vq;fisg; gw;wpa jfty;fis

mwpAk; cupik vq;fSf;F Ntz;Lk;?

%d;whtJ fz; cs;@u; mwpTjpwd; nraw;ghl;Lf;FO 8 ij 2005

Working with Children – A success Story

Seelamunai is one of the villages in the BatticaloaDistrict badly affected by Tsunami. Fortunately, theloss of life is very minimal. However, most of thehouses were completely destroyed and extensive damagewas caused to property. The villagers fled from thearea to escape from the rushing tidal waves with nohope of returning to the village immediately. Theyreached the safety of Hindu College and becameinternally displaced persons, the College becoming arefugee camp.

During the past few years the villagers had beeninvolved in the “Third Eye Local Knowledge and SkillActivists Group” activities, and so were the childrenof the Seelamunai village. Since a good amount of therefugees at the Hindu College camp were from theSeelamuani village, they themselves took a major rolein organizing the day today running of the camp. Theyalso wanted to keep the children occupied and throughthat relieve them of their mental stress and fear.Their previous involvement in the “Third Eye”activities helped them to organize activities such asgames for a group of about forty children. Games andother activities were conduced in large groups as wellas in small groups.

After one week, a section of the villagers ofSeelamunai were sent to Mahajana College Refugee Campand the other group was sent to Koddamunai JuniorSchool Refugee Camp, for administrative reasons.

Now the “Third Eye” members from both the refugeecamps formed a formal group and worked with childrenin both camps This not only helped the children but also their parents who were getting relieved to seetheir children getting back to normalcy.

This group decided to work among children in otherrefugee camps too, but they lacked funds and transportas they themselves were refugees. They were only acollective body of affiliates and not a “registered”organization.

Luckily they had an opportunity to get the support of UNICEF who got interested in their work amongchildren. Currently the group is working successfully withchildren in the refugee camps in the BatticaloaDistrict.

By: Evanjalin Delina

Comedy of Errors

Oh! The almighty power of nature!
We alert you!
Please do not send your dangerous messages
Of cyclone, flood and even tsunami
On a holiday or on Sundays
Especially on poya days!
Because our honorable minister of Science and
Raises a thought provoking
Un scientific question of the century
To a bunch of questioning journalists,
“It was a poya day.
Do you work on a holiday?”

And he accused technologically
It’s the error of the previous government
Of not filling the vacancies
And even “issuing a circular….
Not to fill these vacancies”

Oh! The almighty power of nature!
We alert you again!
And again!!
Please do not send your dangerous messages
On a holiday or on Sundays
Especially on poya days!


(Reflection to a news item appeared on the front pageof the Daily Mirror 13.01.2005)


Our wandering, caused by tidal waves, has not ended.

We are unaware of the plans for our future in the same
way we were devoid of news of the approaching tidal waves.

Before we could even breathe consciously after we hadbeen struck, narrowly escaping suffocation, we arebeing thrown about again from one place to another.

One day the radio announces we could reside only at adistance of one kilometer away from the coast. Thenext day the same radio announces we could residethree hundred metres away.

Who are they talking about? About us? Why do they leave us out and talk about us? It’s a fortnight now. No one has asked us for our preference.

Parting with the coast, we have no jobs to do. To go away, far from our village, we like not.What we left behind us, is not only our lives andbelongings
But also a life-style, is it not?Why not those who talk about rights,Understand our rights?

Our house, our villageMeans not a vacuum of length and width dimensional construction. Is it not a place with a culture and a historicalbackground?

For us is a kovil of our own, a life aligned to that. When we go to a new place, will they embrace us in the rituals of their kovils? Or will we become a second class caste there?

A place in the jungles! A high elevation from the sea!
Would we sacrifice our children saved from the sea to the elephants?
Or would we be trapped at the frontiers and perish inthe war?
No one to offer answers to our fears?

Planned on paper, designed on computer, splashed like tidal waves
is an announcement lasting a second.

Schools reopen on tenth – an announcement?

Our house where we slept on twenty sixth and wokeafter
was not ours, said the tidal waves.

The place where we sleep without sleep, is not ours said an announcement.
To which schools? With which books? Wearing whatclothes?
When do I go? asks my child.

We demand the right to know
Information concerning us

Third Eye Local knowledge Activists. 8th January 2005.