Sunday, June 07, 2009

write this amidst the tremors of loud crackers

all around me, I find colourful flags and proclamations of success on one side and tight-lipped, melancholic faces on the other side. I, a woman from Srilanka write this amidst the tremors of loud crackers.
Kamala Vasuki

Some men celebrate victory;
some men suffer defeat.
Women's history has no victory or defeat!
as usual, let us- women-
wear the ordained dresses
and celebrate victory by cooking kiripongal
sing glories and keep our smiles;
wear the dresses ordained for us
and observe fasts, sing sad tunes and maintain silence
to mark the defeat;
We women have to live on-
to wail the deaths of our children
to dig the pits to find those who were lost
and to nurse the wounded to health.
At least now, let us climb the witness stand
on our own volition for the crimes
of not having shed the false pride of
calling our fathers' land as motherland,
and for having borne the humanity
that does not know to celebrate life.
let us proclaim that women lost
when our offspring did not heed our pleas;
let us unite together
to create a world that finds valour in living and not murdering!

vaikasi 19, 2009
Translated By: A. Mangai

Painting of Kamala Vasuki