Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Life written in hue...

Life written in hue…

Life written in hue…
Painting Exhibition of Kamala Vasuki

Dedicated to
Art Teachers Mr. A. Mark and Ms. M.P.R. Sinnappu

As though encompassing the dew drops at the tip of tiny grass, the hues of the sun in the sky and the like paintings of thousand actualities worked in a few colour mixtures.

Vasuki, the painter has poured forth in front of us the Earth in despair, violence unleashed on women and the expression of her thoughts.

These paintings are neither the result of the imaginative ability nor of the mere imagination of the painter.

These are scatterings in an urge to hurriedly redeem and revive the human feelings, human life and the world that is getting buried day by day.

Here have the brushes drawn patterns, scribbled lines? Or do stand to indicate time?
Viewable at each angle according to each mind and each one’s state of mind, it is the art of creation.

Each painting has its background with the figure in front of us the stirring within us. Is it wrath...? Hope...? Protest…? Or the effort to rise?

These are arts striving seat the fragmented world erect.

Vijayaluxmy Sekar

Translated by Kirupakaran

(From the brochure of the painting exhibition)

*The exhibition was held in 02, 03, and 04 – 08 2002 at the Mahajana College Hall, Maddakkalappu (Batticaloa), Sri Lanka.

Monday, January 29, 2007

“The stillness of the society is terrible roar
It disturbs my peace”


Vijayaluxmi is a different kind of writer and feminist activist.
She is a valiant feminist activist from the village of Naavatkudaa, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka.

Emergence of Vijayaluxmi as a personality is a message to the girls of the villages. She established herself as remarkable women writer and as a vibrant young activist through the medium of creative writing and feminist activism.

As a short story writer and poetess she expresses the numbed feelings of the sufferings of women very simply and sharply.

She is working at Suriya Women Development Centre, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka and Edits the Penn Magazine (Women) and Pennkal Seithi Madal (Women’s News Letter).

Vijayaluxmi developed herself as a facilitator and working with women in the villages for the empowerment of women. She has engaged herself particularly with displaced women and women affected by violence.

She writes to share the sufferings of women in order to create a better world for all. Her voice is collective and the voice of sisterhood.

Life of Vijayaluxmi is an interaction between her activism and her writings.

Her first short story collection titled “Why the sky went up?” was released in the latter part of the year 2006 and it was published by “Panikudam Publishers” a women’s collective with the collaboration of the Suriya Women Development Centre, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka.



“Silent Guardian”

The species which resist
The cruel control of
The mighty emperors;
Adopted themselves
To water cannons;
The disperser of
Campaign gatherings

Purging of water by cannons
The conventional disperse system
That applied democratically
To ensure
The law and order
And to maintain
A peaceful atmosphere
For the smooth running of
The wheels of mercenaries
The respectful agents of
The mighty emperors

To disperse the “unruly mob”
Protesting against
The cutting down of
Forests of woods
And the Breton woods
By purging water by cannons
Are not answerable now

The species which resist
The cruel control of
The mighty emperors;
Adopted themselves
To water cannons;
The disperser of
Campaign gatherings

“To save guard
The well being
Of the people”

Who wave the National Flags
From both sides of the parades
And make the nations proud
On the Independent days

The well dines and dressed
Brain washed intellectuals

Living in comfortable cubicles
Had answered again
To the demand
Of their Master’s call
And designed
The Silent Guardian

The US military's Active Denial System,
a non-lethal ray gun that fires microwaves
that makes people feel
they are about to catch fire.
Photograph: Elliott Minor/AP

The merciless weapon
The Silent Guardian
To save guard
The well being of the Masters
Against the vandals
Who protest and threaten
“The National Interests”
Against the
Horrendous terrorist too

How the wave device works?

Ian Sample, science correspondent
Friday January 26, 2007
The Guardian

It looks like a table top stuck on a Humvee, but to the US military it is a revolutionary new weapon, a controversial heat-ray destined to change the face of conflict by dispersing mobs, protecting military bases and sorting friend from foe without inflicting injuries.
Called Silent Guardian, the prototype fires a high-intensity beam of millimetre waves, inflicting a burning sensation like a light bulb pressed against the skin. After 12 years in development it has been demonstrated in public for the first time, at Moody air force base in Georgia.

Article continues...


Friday, January 26th, 2007

AMY GOODMAN: Marc Garlasco of Human Rights Watch joins us in the studio, senior military analyst at the organization, expert on non-lethal weapons. Gary Anderson joins us on the phone, retired Marine colonel, defense consultant in Washington, D.C. We welcome you both to Democracy Now! Marc Garlasco, can you describe further this weapon and what your concerns are?

MARC GARLASCO: Well, one of the problems that we have is that I can't do a very good job of describing it to you. I have gone and met with a number of military personnel and gone down to actually have conferences on the ADS, looked at video for footage on tests of the ADS, and spoken to a variety of military personnel on it, and yet they continue to hold back information from us. And one of the problems that we have is this veil of secrecy that they refuse to lift. We're not looking for any classified information on it, just for information basically to understand the legal and medical tests that have been undertaken on it. And so, I really can't describe in full this weapon, because of this veil of secrecy. And it’s incumbent upon the military to really lift that veil now so that we can have that discussion and debate on this really novel technology.

AMY GOODMAN: What do you feel when you're hit with it? I mean, reporters have been hit with it.

MARC GARLASCO: Well, we’ve been told -- I haven't been shot with it yet. I’m sure that they’re looking forward to getting me under the gun soon. I haven’t been shot with it yet, but from the video that I have seen and from speaking to people who have been hit with it, it’s an instantaneous heating, very quick, rapid, and you just want to get out of the way.

The species which resist
The cruel control of
The mighty emperors;
Adopted themselves
To water cannons;
The disperser of
Campaign gatherings

“When spiders unite, they can tie down a lion”
-Ethiopian proverb

The species which resist
The cruel control of
The mighty emperors;
Resisted with
Mighty power of hearts
With full of love
And spread the holy message…

The world is the visible heaven
For all living spices


Friday, January 26, 2007

Vasuki J

Most of my paintings/sketches with figures of women are named as woman / no title. They are my expressions of being POWERFUL differently-The Tamil/eastern version of power is 'Shakthy' which is a feminine term and mostly connected to power of women. But in reality powerfulness became as a masculine character which is used to exploit the world to the maximum. These paintings are my inner self’s explorations of the love & nurture of the nature. ‘In search of the buried’ is actually a mixture of Suriyakantha, chemmani, sathurukkondan....and many corners of Sri Lanka, where women wander around to search their sons, daughters and husbands. Similarly ‘My child is not for war’ is not only the recruitments but also the struggle of women to protect their children from disappearances, arrests and killings.

Susiman Nirmalavasan
Activist Painter
3, K.P. Nagar, Chenkallady, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka.



2001- “Painting Exhibition of Nirmalavasan” - St. Michael’s College, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka.
2003- “Brush strokes of sufferings” - Auditorium, St. Michael’s College, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka.
2004- “Dialogues of feelings” - Art Studio, Dept. of Fine Arts, Faculty of Arts and Culture, Eastern University Sri Lanka, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka.



2002 – “Millennium Exhibition” - Central College, Kallaru, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka.
2002- “Exhibition of Local Creations and Local Industries”, Hindu College, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka.
2003 – Kala Pola, George Kyte Foundation, Colombo.
2003 – Exhibition of the Northeastern Provincial Council, Trincomalle, Sri Lanka.
2004– Kala Pola, George Kyte Foundation, Colombo.
2005- “Speaking Brush”, College of Education, Jaffna, Sri Lanka

*Nirmalavasan continuously working on issues connected with oppressions and his favorite target group is students and particularly with children.
He is very talented and committed applied artist and he improvised with natural and environmentally friendly discarded materials with the participation of children.

He applies the art of painting and sculpturing for collective creative experiences connected with the living environment of the children.


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Nations I

Mount “Sivanolipatham”*
The nations
Mighty symbol of integrity
Stood firm and serene

But the nations
Bear that Great Mount
Disastrously sliding down
Faster and faster
Like a huge rock
From the peak
Of a mountain

The buffoons in circuses
Exhibiting acrobatics
And balancing on the top
Of a huge ball
To make the crowed crazy

The leaders of the nations
Are balancing on the top of
Disastrously sliding nations
Make the people uneasy

*Sivanolipatham, a mountain in Sri Lanka where people of all cast and creed gather together for worship.